Self care when working from home

A working from home setup. MacBook Pro, white ceramic mug,and black smartphone on table
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There’s been a deluge of advice on how to survive working from home recently. I almost didn’t bother, so as not to add to the noise. But I figured what the hell, even if one other person can be helped then maybe I should.

I’m a consultant, so work from a variety of places. Home is a common one, often for extended periods of time. Working for an excellent company that is remote first, DevOpsGroup, has given me plenty of time to perfect my pattern. Here are my tips on looking after yourself when confined to the house.

Go to work

It can take some getting used to, especially once the novelty has worn off. But when you are working from home, treat it as any other day. Make sure you get up at an appropriate time. Get dressed, eat your breakfast. Do everything that you would normally do if you were heading to your usual premises. As soon as I start to slip, I feel myself dip. I try to bring my best, and whole, self to work, even if that’s just to my study.

Reclaim that travel time

It would be too easy to see that extra hour or two as a bonus film slot. I’d encourage you to make it work for you. Would you rather come of out quarantine having caught up on a box set, or progressed a new or existing skill? Although improving productivity isn’t the main thing, the hormone boost from improving yourself is undeniable.

Self care at home

An alternative way of using all of that extra time could be to bring in more self-care options. Particularly with being isolated, it’s now more important than ever to look after yourselves. Adding some meditation or exercise to your routine could be an excellent way to not only keep you sane, but are both proven methods of boosting your immune system.

Stay social

We’re social creatures, so don’t let quarantine lock you out of social interactions. As a society, we’ve never been in a better position to weather global challenges like the one we’re experiencing. Technology is enabling frequent, fluid engagement. Take advantage. Feel free to connect with me on the right!

Take breaks

Take regular breaks when working from home, even if it’s just to go and get a drink. Most smart watches will give you a ping if you’re idle for too long, it’s worth listening and taking those few extra steps. Tools such as pomodoro can help you partition your day. When we’re in a work environment, we have natural breaks as we journey through the day. Try and recreate some of that fluidity in order to maintain sustainability.

Evening classes

If you’re like me, one of the most challenging things is losing access to all of my classes! Every day, I used to have a different group that I would go to. Instead of dropping them entirely, I’ve just made them remote. I still do my art class and now it’s just at my kitchen table. My living room has become a gym for my circuits. Look for ways to keep your schedule.

Eat well

Don’t use being home as an excuse to eat junk. Make sure you’re staying healthy by eating good quality food and staying active, every day.

white ceramic mug on table
Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

My working from home routine

Here’s my routine, feel free to share yours!

  • 0700 – Wake up and get ready for the day, including washing and breakfast with my wife
  • 0800 – 10 minutes meditation
  • 0815 – 15 minutes piano practice
  • 0830 – Start work
  • 1200 – Lunch with my wife
  • 1230 – A long lunch walk with the dog
  • 1700 – Home workout
  • 1800 – Dinner
  • 1900 – Evening class

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