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HeadshotI’m an Engineer/Leader with an insatiable appetite for personal improvement and an unrelenting passion for all things technological.

I manage the majority of LexAble’s engineering projects and am the Lead Developer for all of our Mac based work. I’m a huge advocate of continued development and love passing on what I’ve learned back into the business. I lead our Agile workflows and offer guidance, training and assistance to the teams.

University has been one of the largest influences on my academic life. By extending my time at the University of Glamorgan, I was able to take many advantages away with me. Whether this was the rewarding volunteer work with STEM, opportunities to aid students as an Ambassador, the engaging additional year in the Czech Republic or even something as simple as playing for the University Squash team; I took everything that was offered, and then went looking for more.

In conjunction with looking for these new opportunities, I was introduced to the Director of LexAble, who was looking to recruit a developer who would be interested in becoming part of an ambitious startup. Seeing the opportunity for adventure, I joined up and haven’t looked back.

Jumping in to a senior role is difficult, but immensely rewarding. The vast opportunities come at a price: pressure and an enormous CPD workload. However, if like me, you naturally thrive on these, then it’s one of the most fantastic opportunities you’re likely to encounter in the professional world.

In my personal life, I enjoy Thai Boxing (6th Khan), scuba diving (PADI Rescue), spending time with my fiancé, squash and devouring technical manuals.

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